Our Grow Story

Crossroads Cannabiz is committed to connecting the consumer with a clear and clean crop cultivation and ensuring exceptional sun-grown flower consumption.

The brothers of Crossroads Cannabiz have gone back to the beginning with our i502 producer processor grow story. Using the Korean Natural Farming method (started in the 1960's by Cho Han Kyu) our Eastern Washington farmers generate most of the farms' own productivity and potency needs from the waste of the marijuana harvests. Timing is vital to ensure consistent fruitful flower, which is why Crossroads Cannabiz farms invest greatly in around the clock farming to timely address the different nutrient needs through various grow stages of 10 different strains.

Crossroads Cannabiz flower is mother nature's candy grown with climate friendly practices. Limited tilling has helped their farms retain water which limits excessive erosion. Growing green means more to Crossroads than just blooming buds - Crossroads is driven to capitalize on nature-based carbon offsets to counterbalance the marijuana industry's surplus of indoor growers increase in emissions.

Our goal is to ensure an elite escapade for the herbal consumption community, to educate our product users, and to empower others who care about the roots as well as the leaves.

Do You Know How Your Favorite Strains Are Grown?

Learn more about our cannabis farm in Eastern Washington

Following environmentally-friendly farming practices, we grow high-quality products for our customers. Learn more about our Seattle, WA marijuana brand today by calling (206) 906-9346.

Taking the time to grow our products right

You'll appreciate that we care deeply about every step in our growing process. At our marijuana farm, we...

  • Reduce waste by having a specialist on the grounds to monitor quality
  • Use the entire stalk of the plant instead of discarding any biomass
  • Use all-natural fertilizers without accelerants or pesticides
  • Work with a specialist to develop all of our seeds

Our goal is to provide you with a clean, enjoyable and elevating experience every time you use our products. Shop the selection from our cannabis farm today.